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Stitches is an intriguing logic puzzle that involves connecting different regions of a grid with lines. This is what a small grid looks like:

Stitches logic puzzle e

The puzzle is played on a square grid divided into variously shaped regions. Each region must be connected to every one of its neighbouring regions by exactly one line. These lines are referred to as "stitches."

A stitch is a line that spans one cell, connecting two orthogonally adjacent cells from different regions.

A cell can be traversed by at most one stitch.

Numbers along the edge of the grid indicate how many line endpoints must be placed in the corresponding row or column.

Here is what the above example looks like once it’s been completed:

Solution to the example Stitches logic puzzle

Tips for Solving Stitches

Start with Edge Clues. Look at the rows and columns with numbers on the grid's edge. This tells you how many times a stitch must end in that row or column, guiding where to draw your initial stitches.

Use the Single Cell Rule. Since a cell can only have one stitch, if a stitch already passes through a cell, you can’t draw another stitch through that cell.

Check for Isolated Regions. Be wary of creating isolated regions where a region cannot possibly connect to a neighbour because all potential connecting cells are used up.

Consider Stitch Length. Stitches only extend one cell. This limits the possible connections, especially near the grid's edges or in tightly packed areas.

Balance Edge Requirements. Continuously cross-check the stitches with the edge numbers. Each row and column should have the exact number of endpoints as indicated by the clues.

Stitches is a great puzzle for those who enjoy spatial reasoning and planning. The challenge lies in ensuring all regions are properly connected while adhering to the grid's constraints. 

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