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Every Week, a New Challenge. Every Puzzle, a New Adventure.

🧩 Free Puzzles Every Week

Discover the fascinating world of logic puzzles with Puzzle Weekly, your go-to destination for unique, engaging, and brain-boosting challenges delivered right to your inbox in PDF.

🗓 28 Puzzles. 7 Days. Endless Fun

Each issue of Puzzle Weekly is packed with a delightful selection of 28 puzzles, ensuring four stimulating challenges for each day of the week. Never run out of puzzles again.

👶 Fun for All Ages

Introduce the younger minds to the wonders of logic. With a special daily puzzle designed especially for kids, we make sure everyone, regardless of age, gets their fair share of fun and challenge.

🌟 Discover Hidden Gems

While we include all-time favorites like Sudoku, dive deeper with us and unearth lesser-known but equally captivating puzzles like Hashiwokakero, Number Cross, and Star Battle. Challenge yourself in ways you've never imagined.

📱 Read On-The-Go or At Home

Whether you're using an iPad, Kindle Scribe, reMarkable tablet, or even your desktop, Puzzle Weekly is optimized for all. Enjoy crisp graphics and smooth interactions on your preferred device.

🖨 Print-Friendly Section!

We understand the joy of solving puzzles the traditional way. So, we've dedicated a section that's optimized for printing. Use minimal paper and ink and get your hands-on experience.

Absolutely FREE!

Yes, you read it right! Dive into a world of endless puzzles without spending a dime. Simply sign up with your email address, and voila – a week's worth of brain games awaits you.

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Engage your brain, boost your logical thinking, and enter a world of endless fun and challenge. Welcome to Puzzle Weekly - where every week is a new adventure.

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