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Eulero, also known as a Graeco-Latin Square or Euler Square, is a fascinating logic puzzle that combines elements of Latin squares and Sudoku. Here’s what a small puzzle looks like:

An example of a Eulero puzzle grid.

The puzzle is played on a square grid. Bigger grids mean harder puzzles. Each cell in the grid must contain one letter and one digit. Normally, the letters and digits corresponds to the size of the grid. So in a 5x5 grid, we use use the letters A to E and the digits 1 to 5.

The objective of Eulero is to fill out the grid such that every row and every column contains each letter and each digit exactly once - ie no row or column can have a repeated letter or digit. Additionally, no two cells in the grid can contain the same pairing of a letter and a digit.

Here’s what our example puzzle looks like when complete:

The solution to the example Eulero puzzle.

Tips for Solving Eulero

Start with Known Pairs. Some cells are already filled in, or are partially filled in (depending on the difficulty level of the puzzle), so use them as a starting point. The given pairs can help you determine what can't be in the same row or column.

Elimination.  If you're unsure about where a particular symbol should go, consider where it can't go. This process of elimination can narrow down your options.

Sudoku. Eulero follows similar rules to Sudoku, which means that many Sudoku techniques can either be used directly, or adapted, to help solve the puzzle. See our detailed three-part Sudoku tutorial here for some ideas.

Where to Play

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