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Puzzle Weekly Issues 33, 32 and 30

A Puzzle for Every Day, A Delight for Every Mind

We believe that every day is an opportunity to stimulate your mind. That's why we've crafted Puzzle Weekly, a unique free magazine that not only challenges your intellect but also brings immense joy and satisfaction. 

With 28 brand new challenges every week, you’ll experience the exhilarating rush of achievement day after day.

On Screen or On Paper – Your Puzzles Your Way

Puzzle Weekly on Kobo, Kindle, Remarkable, iPad, and printed

Puzzle Weekly is a dual-format magazine, designed to work both on screens and on paper. 

Delivered as a PDF directly into your Inbox, you can choose whether to print, or solve on screen. 

Our unique print section is optimised for US Letter and International A4 sizes, and minimises paper and ink usage without compromising on the fun.

The digital section looks gorgeous on tablets like iPads, as well as eInk devices like the Kindle Scribe, reMarkable, or Kobo Elipsa. Each puzzle is accompanied by convenient interactive links for tutorials and solutions.

Why Puzzle Weekly?

  • Variety & Progression: From easy-peasy Monday puzzles to brain-busting Sunday challenges, keep your mind sharp and engaged.
  • Family-Friendly A dedicated kids' puzzle for each day and a delightful colouring page in every issue will bring smiles to faces, young and old.
  • Free & Accessible: Just enter your email, and voilà! A world of puzzles delivered to your inbox every Monday.

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