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The Jumbo Book of 16x16 Sudoku

Sudoku, But Bigger

Brand new from Puzzle Genius, we are excited to announce The Jumbo Book of 16x16 Sudoku. It’s like the sudoku you know and love, but bigger in every way!

The Jumbo Book of 16x16 Sudoku - 2 Volumes

A Classic

We love sudoku. It’s the puzzle that got us here at Puzzle Genius started on logic puzzles. It’s a true classic that has, arguably, been equalled but never bettered. But sometimes we want a little bit more than a 9x9 grid can offer.

Enter the 16x16 grid!

More numbers, more cells, more candidates. 16x16 sudoku ramps up the challenge of the classic game to a whole new level. In fact, a lot of whole new levels, because we’ve put five levels into each of the two books in the brand new series.

Two volumes of the jumbo book of 16x16 sudoku next to two pocket sudoku books

Choose Your Level

There are two books in this new series. Both include a whopping 200 puzzles each, and both are split into five different levels. The Easy / Intermediate edition is perfect for beginners, or anyone who wants a gentle challenge. Intermediate Hard ramps up the difficulty, and is sure to keep even the most experienced puzzler occupied for many happy hours.

Big in Every Way

All those extra numbers take up extra space. Struggling to write in the grid should never be part of the challenge. That’s why we’ve maxed out their size, putting just one huge grid per page to ensure you have plenty of room for candidates and exclusions. And those pages are big too. At 8.5 x 11” they are the same size as our popular A Year of… range.

The interior of the jumbo book of 16x16 sudoku next to a pocket sudoku book


Of course, The Jumbo Book of 16x16 Sudoku is packed with your favourite Puzzle Genius features:

  • 200 huge grids that offer plenty of space for jotting down candidates and exclusions.
  • Start and end time boxes for those who like to solve against the clock.
  • Five levels of difficulty per volume.
  • Extra bonus puzzles (killer sudoku and suguru).
  • Complete solutions to save time checking answers.

Out Now

You can find both editions of The Jumbo Book of 16x16 Sudoku on Amazon: Easy / Intermediate and Intermediate Hard.

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