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The Jumbo Book of Killer Sudoku — Easy to Intermediate

600 Killer Sudoku Puzzles in Jumbo Size.

Quality And Quantity

Who says you can’t have quality and quantity? This book is packed with 600 carefully constructed killer sudoku puzzles. There are even some bonus logic puzzles at the end.


The ideal gift for someone special — or a treat for yourself — The Jumbo Book of Killer Sudoku is a sumptuous celebration of the puzzle game.

Lovingly crafted by expert logicians and designers, the book is filled with features that every sudoku-lover will adore:

  • 600 unique killer sudoku puzzles. Big grids means there’s no shortage of space for notes and working out.
  • 6 levels of difficulty from Easy to Intermediate.
  • Start & end times in case you want to challenge yourself further by solving against the clock.
  • Full solutions. No need to spend ages cross-checking results, solutions are included for all the puzzles. It’s easy to validate your answers in seconds.
  • Bonus puzzles. Because we love logic puzzles as much as you do, we added some extras at the end.

Killer Sudoku…

Easy to learn, engrossing to play, killer sudoku is more than just a game — it’s a workout for the brain.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away the same could be said of sudoku. Studies show that people who regularly solve puzzles increase their mental agility and even build a cognitive reserve that can help maintain a healthy mind later in life.

With 600 quality puzzles, The Jumbo Book of Killer Sudoku isn’t just brilliant value and brilliant fun, it’s the perfect way to keep your mind in shape too.

…Made Beautiful

At Puzzle Genius, we believe our books should be as exceptional as the puzzles inside them. That's why we work tirelessly to create books you’ll be proud to own or gift.

Every edition is lovingly crafted, with as much attention paid to the design as to the puzzles themselves because we know you appreciate beautiful things. Our thoughtful touches are what make our books so beloved by puzzlers around the world.

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