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Tetromino For Stylus Devices - Volume 2

Discover Your New Puzzle Obsession

For the discerning puzzle enthusiast, there's a sweet spot where the structured logic of Sudoku meets the captivating dynamics of Tetris: Tetromino!

More than just a puzzle, Tetromino is a thrilling intersection of two worlds. It offers an experience uniquely its own, yet comfortingly familiar. Dive in, and discover your new puzzle obsession.

Designed For Kobo

Designed for Kobo ereaders with stylus, Tetromino For Stylus Devices makes the most of your ereader’s screen space and annotation features. The puzzles fill the width of the page, giving you maximum space and maximum fun.

Lovingly crafted by expert logicians and designers, this book is filled with features that every puzzle-lover will adore:

  • 100 brand new Tetromino puzzles.
  • Designed for Kobo ereaders with stylus.
  • Five levels of difficulty, from Easy to Hard.
  • Full-screen puzzles, giving you maximum space.
  • Handy interactive links to instantly and effortlessly switch between a puzzle and its solution. Checking your answers has never been so easy.

Important: A stylus is required to solve these puzzles on screen.

Why Tetromino?

Tetromino combines logic, spatial reasoning, and a hint of artistry. If you've ever felt the joy of cracking a challenging Sudoku or piecing together a jigsaw puzzle, imagine combining those sensations. That's the allure of Tetromino.

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