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Luxury Logic Puzzles — Sudoku Classic

Exquisite Sudoku For The Discerning Puzzler

Not all puzzlers are created equal. And not all puzzle books are the same. Treat yourself — or someone you care about — to a sumptuous volume of the finest, difficult sudoku puzzles.

200 Puzzles

★ 200 elegant puzzles.

★ Opulent, beautiful pages.

★ Hard and very hard levels.

★ Generous grids with plenty of room for candidates and exclusions.

★ Full solutions to make checking answers fast and efficient.

★ Additional killer sudoku and samurai sudoku puzzles.

Collect The Series

Classic, samurai, killer, and 16x16 sudoku — all are catered for in this luxurious four-volume series.


Sudoku (sometimes written as su doku) is a hugely popular puzzle game. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a math game; the numbers are only used as symbols. Every grid can be solved by logic alone — but beware, these puzzles are not for beginners.

Puzzle Genius Quality

We believe every part of a book should be exceptional. That’s why we work tirelessly to create elegant books you’ll be proud to own or gift.

Every edition has been lovingly crafted, with as much attention paid to the design as to the puzzles themselves, because we know you appreciate beautiful things. Our thoughtful touches are what make our books so beloved by puzzlers around the world.

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