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Felix Linklater Presents Very Hard Samurai Sudoku — Volume One

If you love sudoku, this book was made for you.

Logic-master Felix Linklater presents a collection of 100 high-quality samurai sudoku puzzles. Split between hard and very hard levels, these grids are not for the faint-hearted!

Packed With Puzzles

★ 100 High-quality samurai sudoku puzzles (equivalent to five hundred regular grids).

★ Hard and very hard grids (50 of each).

★ Large grids leave room for candidates and exclusions.

★ Complete solutions to make checking your answers quick and easy.

★ Bonus killer sudoku and 16x16 sudoku puzzles included.

★ Handy medium-format size (~6×9” / 15×23cm).

The perfect gift, or treat yourself.

Looking for a gift for a sudoku aficionado? Look no further. With 100 tough puzzles to solve, this book will keep even the most avid puzzler entertained for hours.

Collect The Series

Prefer regular sudoku? Or perhaps killer sudoku, or even 16x16 sudoku? Felix has you covered. Collect the series and enjoy even more quality puzzling.

Samurai Sudoku

Samurai Sudoku (sometimes written as samurai su doku) takes the hugely popular puzzle game and multiplies it by five. By overlapping five regular grids on each other, they interact, adding a completely new layer to the challenge.

Because every samurai sudoku puzzle comprises five grids, the 100 puzzles in this book are equivalent to five hundredregular sudoku puzzles!

Puzzle Genius Quality

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Every edition has been lovingly crafted, with as much attention paid to the design as to the puzzles themselves, because we know you appreciate beautiful things. Our thoughtful touches are what make our books so beloved by puzzlers around the world.

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