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Mazes Made Better

Mazes — who doesn’t love them? Okay, maybe Harry Potter, given his history with labyrinths was not a happy one. Adolescent wizards aside though, most folk love the challenge of a good maze. But finding good mazes hasn’t always been easy.

Until now.

Introducing Mazes for Smart People — our brand new puzzle book with a difference!

Mazes For Smart People Cover

The Puzzle Genius logicians are proud to present our stellar collection of 100 mind-bending mazes that will challenge even the most gifted pathfinder. There are four different types of maze, each split over five different levels of difficulty. At just one huge maze per page, these are puzzles you can literally lose yourself in.

Mazes For Smart People Interior

Brain Workout

Mazes are a very different kind of puzzle to sudoku and its many variants. Finding a solution exercises regions of the brain that don’t tend to get much of a workout from number-based puzzles.

In fact according to some studies, solving mazes activates a large area of the brain from the visual to parietal regions. Working these puzzles even activates subcortical and cortical motor areas, which are normally associated with movement and coordination.

In other words solving mazes on paper gives your brain the same kind of workout it would get from walking through a physical labyrinth!

Feature Rich

As with all of our books, we’ve packed Mazes for Smart People with features you’ll love.

  • Five levels of difficulty. Whether you want something a little easier to pass the time, or a harder challenge to stretch your brain to the limit, you’ll always be able to find a maze pitched at just the right level.
  • Four different maze types. From simple rectangles to unusual shapes, including some with added holes and blockers, you’ll love beating a path through the differing forms.
  • One huge maze per page. Forget the mazes of your childhood — these are gigantic beasts! And of course we put as much effort into making our pages beautiful as we do making our mazes devilishly difficult.
  • Solutions included. Listen, we know you’re smart, but sometimes even the best pathfinder needs a little helping hand. So we’ve included solutions at the back just in case you get stuck.

A Great Escape

Finding your way out of a labyrinth is a great way to escape from the stresses and strains of life. Mazes are easy to start, and hard to finish. Totally engrossing, completing one provides an unrivalled sense of satisfaction. And as the neuroscientists have shown, they are good for your brain.

Mazes for Smart People is suitable for virtually any age, but be warned that even the easiest levels are not for the faint-hearted. Grab your copy now, from Amazon.

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