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Introducing Puzzle Weekly: Free Puzzles Every Week

We are excited beyond words to announce the launch of Puzzle Weekly – our brand new weekly puzzle publication. It’s been a labor of love, hours of brainstorming, and countless moments of exhilaration as we have put together this new weekly logic puzzle collection.

Why Puzzle Weekly? 

Puzzle Weekly magazine cover

We’ve been publishing free daily puzzles right here on our website for years. They’ve been popular. So popular in fact, that we wanted to do more. One puzzle a day, no matter how carefully curated, just felt a little, well, little

Our first thought was simply to put more puzzles onto the website each day. However, we realised this was an excellent opportunity to do something different. Something better. Thus Puzzle Weekly was born: 28 brand new puzzles delivered in a beautifully crafted digital magazine direct to your inbox every week.

What Can You Expect? 

  1. A Weekly Challenge: Every issue promises 28 carefully crafted puzzles, ensuring you have a fresh challenge for each day.
  2. For Our Young Puzzlers: We haven't forgotten our junior solvers. A special puzzle each day is dedicated to them. Plus we’re including a unique colouring page each week, too.
  3. Discover Lesser-Known Gems: While Sudoku might be a familiar face, get ready to meet and conquer lesser-known stars like Hashiwokakero, Number Cross, and Shirokuru.
  4. Go Digital or Traditional: While Puzzle Weekly is a digital publication optimised for devices like iPads, Kindles, and reMarkable tablets, we also appreciate the charm of the good old pen (or pencil) and paper. That’s why we’re including a special print-friendly section that ensures the best of both worlds.

The Best Part? 

This brainy buffet comes to you completely free! It's our way of celebrating the pure joy of puzzles and sharing that with a community that appreciates a good brain-tease as much as we do.

How To Get Puzzle Weekly

It’s super easy to get your free copy in your inbox every week. Click here and you can subscribe for free at SubStack – all we need is the email address you want your copy delivered to. Don’t worry, we won’t spam you, and you can unsubscribe any time. 

Get Your Free Puzzle Weekly Subscription Here

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