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Go Big, Go Small — Killer Sudoku For All Occasions

We are delighted to announce the publication of two new books in the popular Felix Linklater Presents… series:

Pocket and Giant editions of Felix Linklater Presents Very Hard Killer Sudoku

Giant Edition

We’ve taken everything you love about Felix’s Very Hard Killer Sudoku book and super-sized it. We shut Felix in the basement and told him he couldn’t come out until he had prepared a whopping 600 brand new difficult and very difficult killer sudoku puzzles. Then we put them into an 8.5x11” book to maintain the large grid size we know you love.

Pocket Edition

Bigger isn’t always better; whilst we know our big grids are popular, we also know how important it is to have a puzzle at hand wherever you are. That’s why when we finally let Felix out of the basement, it was on the condition he supplied another 100 puzzles for a pocket edition.

At 4x6”, this small but mighty book slips into any pocket or purse, so you never need be without your favourite logic puzzle.

Regular Edition

The two new sizes join the regular edition, meaning there is a size to suit every occasion. And with unique puzzles in each of the three volumes, you can be certain to find a fresh challenge every time.

Three sizes of Felix Linklater Presents Very Hard Killer Sudoku

Out Now

The new books join the rest of the Felix Linklater Presents series (which includes regular sudoku, samurai sudoku, and 16x16 sudoku) and are available now, from Amazon:

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