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A Year of Suguru

365 Days of Suguru Goodness

We are delighted to introduce the latest addition to our A Year of... range — Suguru! A must-have for suguru-lovers, the two volumes in this series each offer a full twelve months of quality puzzles.

A Year of Suguru

Suguru is one of our favourite logic puzzles. It's so easy to learn (just one simple rule), and totally engrossing. Like sudoku, there's no math, and like killer sudoku there's a lot of inference involved in solving the harder grids. It's no wonder that suguru is so popular. And now you can have a brand new, quality suguru puzzle to solve every single day for a year.

A Year of Suguru joins our existing Pocket Suguru series — five gorgeous volumes each containing one hundred puzzles over ten levels.

A Year of Suguru with Pocket Suguru

Just like its smaller stablemate, A Year of Suguru is packed with classic Puzzle Genius features:

  • Generously sized grids that offer plenty of space for jotting down candidates.
  • Start and end time boxes for those who like to solve against the clock.
  • Five levels of difficulty in each of the two volumes (see below).
  • Levels rotate daily to keep the challenge fresh and interesting.
  • Bonus puzzles (16x16 sudoku and killer sudoku).
  • Complete solutions to save time checking answers.

Like all the books in our Year of... range, these volumes are year agnostic — you can begin on any day of any year and have a full twelve months of puzzles ahead of you.

The inside of A Year of Suguru

There are two editions of A Year of Suguru available from Amazon: Easy/Intermediate, and Intermediate/Hard. So whatever your level of experience, you'll find puzzles to suit you and stretch you.

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