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The Jumbo Book of Killer Sudoku

Killer Sudoku! We love it. You love it. It’s one of our most popular puzzles. And now it’s joining our Jumbo range. Introducing The Jumbo Book of Killer Sudoku.

The Jumbo Book of Killer Sudoku

Who Says You Can’t Have Quality And Quantity?

Here’s the lowdown on what makes this brand new two-volume set so fantastic:

  • 600 Puzzles. Yes you read that right. Each volume contains a whopping 600 killer sudoku puzzles!
  • Six Levels. Choose from Easy to Intermediate, or Intermediate to Hard. One hundred puzzles per level means you’ll always find something pitched just where you want it.
  • Big grids. Our Jumbo series is big in every way. Big grids on big pages, and loads of them. Fitting in notes and candidates should never be part of the challenge, which is why we’ve made our grids so roomy.
  • Bonus puzzles. Because we love puzzles as much as you do, we’ve added some extras at the end. You’ll find some regular sudoku grids plus a selection of suguru puzzles as well.
  • Full solutions. Checking your completed grid takes seconds when you have full solutions at the back.
The Jumbo Book of Killer Sudoku - Inside

The Jumbo Series Just Got Bigger

The Jumbo Book of Killer Sudoku is part of our wider Jumbo series. Fancy something different? We’ve got you covered, with Jumbo 16x16 Sudoku, and Jumbo Samurai Sudoku as well.

The Jumbo Puzzle Series

Out Now

Both volumes are available now from Amazon:

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